Hi, I'm Selly. I'm 15 years old and I live in a quiet village in germany. I enjoy sleeping, eating and everything nature has to offer. Especially hanging out in the woods with my best friend Kat is what i love to do in my free time. I post pretty things, naked things, smoking things and sometimes personal things. You can talk to me whenever you feel like it. lol


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  • I must say throughout this whole week for some reason I've been having people tell me "you need to grow" or "I'm taller than you" or "omg you're so short" like its soooo annoying -_____- I cannot help that my genes didn't make me tall. Dam! I wish people would leave me alone sometimes. If you're shorter than 5'4 then you understand what I'm going through. Nobody will ever understand how it feels to be 5' at 22 years old if you're tall and I feel like when picking on someone that's shorter than you it's just wrong. I use to be so insecure about my height and I use to hate myself but I've grown to love myself now. I can be the best friend you never had cause im really nice. But, I don't get why people get so surprised when I tell them my age and they're like omg! You so tiny blah blah blah. Smh I just had to rant about this. I'm just sick of it. I'm going to start ignoring people. My height makes me who I am and I can't do anything about it just like anybody else can't do anything about theirs.
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